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Air Conditioning Specials in Plano, TX

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Plano Air Conditioning and AC Repair Tips

Here are a few common things to check before scheduling your service call.

  1. Ensure that your air conditioner has a clean filter
  2. If your AC thermostat takes batteries ensure that it is not indicating low batteries
  3. Wash off the outdoor unit with a water hose if the surface of the coil is dirty
  4. If you were recently in the attic and now notice that the AC dosen't turn on, ensure that you turned off the light switch and not the AC system switch when exiting the attic.
  5. Air Conditioners can work at half capacity and still provide cooling. Ensure that you have annual inspections and safety checks!

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$199 Service Call and Freon


Does your system need a re-charge? Call us today and get 2lbs of freon with your service call.


Air Conditioner Specials in Plano, TX

We provide more options for your existing air conditioner or complete AC system replacement in Plano.

If you are considering to replace your existing air conditioner or AC system then allow us to provide you with the many installation and replacement options that are available to you and your family.

We do not just offer industry leading installations, warranties and complete peace of mind and worry-free guarantees. We offer more! It is always expected. Our company offers more features, benefits, quality installations, savings, services, and accessories, all included in every system that we install and replace.

If you are condsidering replacement of your air conditioner or AC system, or enhancing your air conditioner or AC system, please take the time to review the vast installation options that we can provided for you.

We have taken a very simple approach to assisting you with this important choice for your air conditioner or AC system installation and replacement. Each family and house is unique and requires attention to specific details so we ask for approximately 1 to 2 hours for the evaluation with all home owners present. For those who have regular work schedules we do have evening and Saturday appointments available.